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All our Christmas trees are grown in Lincolnshire, and are delivered regularly to our farm shed throughout December, ensuring your tree is as fresh as possible. We have trees ranging in size from 3ft to 12ft, and also sell pomanders & wreaths. If you want a larger tree, please call us on the number above.

Nordman Fir
Hull Christmas Trees - Nordman Fir

The Nordman Fir is our most popular tree. It is the most reliably symetrical tree in shape, and has great needle retention, meaning it will last well over the Christmas period with some watering.

Nordman Fir Needles:

Hull Christmas Trees - Nordman Needles
Norway Spruce
Hull Christmas Trees - Norway Spruce

The traditional tree, the Norway Spruce is still very popular because of it's wonderful smell. They prefer the cold though, so we suggest you don't place them in a hot room or next to a radiator and keep them well watered.

Norway Spruce Needles:

Hull Christmas Trees - Norway Spruce Needles
Pot Grown Nordman Fir

We have pot grown Nordman trees as well, available​ from 3ft to 5ft. 

Hull Christmas Trees - Norway Spruce Needles

To make sure your Christmas Tree retains it's needles over the festive period, it's essential that you take care of it. All the stands we sell let you add water, which is crucial. Take a look at our range HERE.

 A useful website with tips on how to care for your tree can be found HERE.

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